"I am 57 and I have always eaten meat, dairy and animal products. I can honestly say before watching your film I had no idea or even gave a second thought to where my food came from. I was filled with horror, guilt, tears and an overwhelming sadness that as a consumer I was contributing towards such suffering. Well, no more, the next day, five weeks ago now, I went vegan. I feel healthier, have lost 15 pounds in weight and can now live with myself knowing that I am not contributing towards any animal suffering. As you say at the end of Land of Hope and Glory, you can't say you didn't know. I just wanted you to know that and let you know that you are inspiring people, even oldies like me, to change. Thank you Ed."

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing activism you have done. I’ve been vegan for a year and haven’t managed to persuade anyone else to do the same but I had a message from my brother in law yesterday saying he spoke to you at Swansea University and watched Land of Hope and Glory and he and his wife are now eating a plant-based diet! I shared the documentary on my Facebook page as well as on my office group chat. One of my co-workers have made the commitment to go vegetarian (as a starting point and then transition to vegan later) and one of my Facebook friends has messaged me this morning saying she was appalled by what she saw and wanted to eliminate animal products from her diet."

"I have literally just watched your video where you question farmers on how they feel it's okay to bring up animals, ultimately to kill them. In just four minutes of watching your video I have been moved considerably. I'm one of those who feel guilty for eating meat all the time but never change. I think it's time I made that change, thank you."

"I've been eating meat my entire life and I find your content actually very eye-opening. You explain it in a way that I've never heard before. You aren't pointing fingers or calling people names you are being so loving and caring and I want to make that move to become vegan now because of what I have heard from you."

"I'm only 24 minutes into Land of Hope and Glory and I haven't stopped crying, I feel sick for all the years I have stuffed my face with their flesh. I feel selfish for not looking into this sooner, after watching a lot of your videos there is nothing else left to do apart from become a vegan. Thank you Ed."

"I truly from the bottom of my heart want to thank you for bringing such a heartbreaking and horrific documentary to us. It has truly made me go vegan which I have been trying to do for months but your documentary finally made me do it, I can't bare to cause such unnecessary suffering to animals anymore. You have made me a better person for myself and for our fellow earthlings."

"My husband and I became vegan because of you and are now activists. Thank you for everything you've done and do to open people's eyes to the truth."

"Hi Ed. I found your page by accident. I am completely heartbroken watching your videos. I will no longer be supporting such a vile industry. Thank you so much for opening my eyes."

"Your work and Land of Hope and Glory turned me vegan for good (I had dabbled in the past) and I feel so amazing that I've wondered why I didn't do it years ago. I've now managed to convince two friends and we love supporting each other and knowing that we're making a difference in so many ways. Your relentless efforts are not going unrewarded."


"Earthling Ed, you inspired me to do more than just eat plant-based and use cruelty free products. My sister showed me a video of your speech during The Official Animal Rights March UK, it made me realise that we all have to stand up and do more than just promote veganism! If we want change for the voiceless we have to get up and make a difference, it was thanks to you that I went to my first ever animal rights march in September." 

"Earthling Ed I am so grateful for this video. Not only did it wake me up to the brutal and vile reality of animal agriculture but it also inspired me to watch the rest of your videos that blew my old ideas and arguments out of the water. I now practice veganism and attempt to spread awareness whenever possible. Your videos inspire me to have the confidence to do so. Genuinely thank you to you and your partner who helped make it, keep up the great work and know there are many minds being changed by your work. Bless you man."